Alibaba Cloud: 10,000 companies have built data lakes on the cloud

Today, with the vigorous development of the digital economy, more and more users have moved from “using the cloud well” to the stage of “using the cloud well”. If it is said that at the stage of “going to a good cloud”, most users are concerned about how to obtain better returns in terms of cost. Then at the stage of “going to a good cloud”, more users begin to think about how to support more and more on the cloud platform. More complex and valuable data analysis scenarios.

On March 31, at the Alibaba Cloud Global Data Lake Summit, Alibaba Cloud brought the audience a blockbuster upgrade plan for “Data Lake 3.0” from three aspects: “lake management, lake storage and lake computing”. Present the integration solutions and practices of data lakes in various industries and multiple scenarios to users, and jointly promote the development of industrial data lakes.

Alibaba Cloud: 10,000 companies have built data lakes on the cloud

Jia Yangqing, vice president of Alibaba Group and head of Alibaba Cloud Computing Platform Division, believes that cloud native accelerates the entry of data lakes into the 3.0 era, and data lakes have become the standard for enterprise data application innovation.

As the volume of data applications continues to increase, the openness and diversification of data analysis also continues to increase, which also indicates that the application of data lakes has entered the deep water area. How an enterprise systematically implements lake storage, lake computing and lake management is the key to whether an enterprise can achieve business innovation and growth.

Alibaba Cloud’s cloud-native enterprise-level data lake helps these users empower new data-driven tracks and help businesses create more new possibilities on the cloud.

With it, any door technology efficiently supports various business data analysis scenarios, provides hundreds of Gbps high throughput through the data lake, and meets the needs of business data analysis for elastic expansion throughput. At the same time, the data lake also provides a storage-computing decoupling architecture and multiple storage types, allowing any door technology to have more flexible cost optimization space.

“The integration of AI and big data drives enterprises to create business value. Based on the cold and hot intelligent layering capabilities of data lake storage OSS, costs can be reduced by 95%.” said Alex Chen, senior product director of Alibaba Cloud Basic Products.

Alibaba Cloud: 10,000 companies have built data lakes on the cloud

Taking Inke Interactive Entertainment as an example, the adoption of the data lake solution has supported the transformation of its business from a single live broadcast platform to a pan-entertainment ecosystem at the technical level.

It is understood that Inke Interactive Entertainment has connected the Alibaba Cloud data lake system with the self-developed big data middle platform, and provided technical support to the product matrix. It has successfully realized the operation of data and the value behind it with only front-line operators and a small amount of client R&D.

In the field of intelligent logistics, Wincher Technology is an autonomous driving technology and operation company focusing on trunk logistics scenarios. Based on the cloud data lake to realize automated logistics, the utilization rate of data GPU is increased to 70%-80%, while the resources are only increased by 14.5 times, which helps it to increase the speed of autonomous driving training by 24 times at the lowest cost.

Alibaba Cloud: 10,000 companies have built data lakes on the cloud

In Alibaba Cloud’s view, in the context of the transformation of the digital economy, ecological partners have also begun to transform from pure information providers to service providers of the digital economy.

The capabilities brought by the data lake are the best key to help our partners open this door.

At the conference, Alibaba Cloud, Deloitte, Hang Seng, iSoftStone and other 20+ partners jointly released the industrial data lake ecosystem to the outside world for the first time, jointly utilizing the capabilities of data lake solutions and providing innovation for industry users to imagine more possibilities of data pivot.

Alibaba Cloud: 10,000 companies have built data lakes on the cloud

Alibaba Cloud revealed that since 2020, more than 10,000 customers have built data lakes on the cloud. In the future, Alibaba Cloud hopes to work with partners to infiltrate cloud-native data lakes into all walks of life and promote digital innovation for more enterprises.



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