How to use the WeChat applet to earn a chicken leg for yourself every day?

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In other words: Who doesn’t want to have a small program of their own? It can make a little money and gain insight. Can Xiaobai who doesn’t understand Mini Programs make it? That’s right, this tutorial is for Xiaobai. Today, I decided to open source the method, including the registration of the applet to the launch, and how the name can bring natural traffic, and where the revenue comes from!

How to use the WeChat applet to earn a chicken leg for yourself every day?

The picture below is the daily income, not much, but the fly’s legs are still meat no matter how small they are.

How to use the WeChat applet to earn a chicken leg for yourself every day?

Apply for an account

Baidu search – WeChat public platform, enter the official website – click to register (display the official click to enter, otherwise you may go to the wrong studio, click into the advertising website and wander around for a long time).

Registering an applet is as simple as registering a WeChat. After filling in the basic information, you can enter the management background of the applet later. On the left is the menu in the background of the applet, just take a look and get familiar with it.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the menu. Click Settings to fill in the relevant information of the applet.

First of all, the first and more important point is to name the applet, which is very metaphysical. As a Buddhist (lazy) who makes small programs (the advertising fees are all automated, let alone promotion, I haven’t even read it), the user sources of my small programs are all natural traffic.

What is organic traffic?

The organic traffic is the users who directly searched in WeChat.

Having a good name is the most…important…

The National Day avatar applet that exploded some time ago, thanks to a good name, has already made those applet authors a lot of money, and the traffic of WeChat is beyond your imagination. Of course, I belong to the Buddhist school (after knowing and realizing later), and I belong to the soup that I haven’t even had.

Next comes the highlight of the name.

In WeChat search – WeChat index, enter the WeChat index applet, search the name you want in WeChat index, check the popularity of the word, and then decide whether to use this name or not. The skill of using the WeChat index to name is a necessary skill for knocking on the blackboard and operating the gods.

Before naming it, of course, let’s see what the mini program we want to put on the shelves looks like?

How to use the WeChat applet to earn a chicken leg for yourself every day?

According to the operation steps, the applet on the shelf is the same as this one, other items to be filled are free to play, and the service category chooses office-tools.

After filling in the information, there will be an AppID (like your WeChat ID), which is very important. It is required both when creating a project and when the project goes live (preferably copy and save it to one place).

After going through these steps, the registration of the applet is completed, which should be the most tedious step, and you are halfway done here. Have a glass of water and start the next step.

Install developer tools

Then install the tools developed by the applet – WeChat developer tools, Baidu search WeChat developer tools, click to download (find the official website… official download).

Choose the corresponding system installation, most people should choose Windows 64. It’s as simple as installing other computer software, all the way to click next, next… (slow, don’t install C drive). Double-click to open the software, and then the next step is to import the source code!. After obtaining the source code and downloading it, save it locally. This is the source code of the applet (it is optimistic about which path to save, so as not to find it later).

How to use the WeChat applet to earn a chicken leg for yourself every day?

Import source code

Open the developer tools, select the import applet, you will see such an interface. Fill in the project name casually, and select the source code location just saved for the directory. Don’t say, you can’t find where to download the source code!

AppID fill in the AppID in the background, select the back-end service – do not use cloud service, and then confirm.

After importing, you will see a cool applet. You can click to preview the effect in the developer tools, and you are halfway there.

The above step, although the words are few, the visual inspection is not simple, the small partner with the wrong posture may shed skin after finishing it!

Upload and version management

Click the upload button and wait a few minutes. Go back to the background of the applet – version management.

At this time, you can see the development version in the background. If you can’t find it, don’t guess, you must have filled in the wrong AppId, and then repeat the steps of importing the source code. Then click Submit for review. Before clicking, you can preview the trial version. Click the down arrow next to Submit for review. Scan the code on WeChat to preview the trial version. After the test is correct, the review version can be released, and after the WeChat official review, it can be launched as an online version. The review takes about half an hour to pass.

After the review is passed, the WeChat official will send a message, you have to go back to the background and click to publish, otherwise you will not be able to find it. Wait a few minutes to search in WeChat and see if you can find it. 1000 visits to the applet can open the traffic master, if you are like me (lazy). The best way is to forget about it after the successful launch, look at the data after a period of time, and activate the traffic master.

About opening traffic mainly to earn advertising fees, we will see you in the next article. Well, I will share it here today, there is no problem to buy chicken thighs……

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