Comparison of Japanese cloud servers in 2021

The content of this page shares the Japanese VPS cloud server. The data is collected from the evaluation results of Japanese VPS hosting enthusiasts. The following Lolipop and conoha are Japanese local hosting providers. You can click on the first line of the form to score according to the cost performance, the lowest monthly cost, and the lowest CPU configuration. , The minimum memory configuration, general standard free hard disk, online rate and other parameters are sorted. The data on this list will be updated and changed in real time, for reference only.

  1. The following comparisons without comments are being optimized.
  2. The following quotations are normal quotations for inactive products.
  3. The following packages are the minimum standard packages of the host
  4. The following host vendors are all major manufacturers, and the quality is guaranteed!
  5. The data center is only selected in some areas, you can click “view comments” to check the complete data center and more configurations